Sunday, 11 April 2010

Display Dilemma

I rarely do craft stalls and space can vary for home parties so I have yet to come up with a definitive display solution for my jewellery. Late last week, with a booking for the Friday, I had my usual mad scramble to organise something to hang things on.

My husband had kindly found me some second hand lever arch files which we thought would be strong enough to make a stand from, and he had removed the metal insides, but by Thursday I still had no real plan and was desperately searching the Internet for inspiration. I had considered making a kind of pillowslip covering but then realised the weight of the jewellery would make the fabric sag, unless is was rather stiff and very tight. I did manage to glue two of the files together to make a 3 fold structure but was still struggling with how to make it look pretty and fit for purpose. Friday morning dawned and I finally made some progress by stapling faux suede onto the front side, finding a matching ribbon in my stash and choosing a small selection of colour co-ordinated buttons for decoration. The two things I was missing were time and some very wide ribbon to finish off the edge. My husband came to the rescue in the ribbon department - braving a local craft shop with only the name of the colour and the instruction to get ribbon "as wide as they have". The rest of the day was spent madly stapling and gluing (and then crossing my fingers that the glue would dry in time for the evening).

And there we have the not-quite finished product - it's not bad if you only look at it from the front and it certainly did it's job on the night but there is some finishing off to do and it doesn't actually fold up like I had hoped. I have more of the files so, with a bit of tinkering, hopefully I can come up with another display that is not such a rush job and does actually fold up for transport.

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