Thursday, 29 July 2010

Advance of the Octopus

A number of interests have all come together in the last couple of days. A love of marine creatures, steampunk, randomness and polymer clay finally combined, resulting in a small collection of miniature cephalopods.

I hold my hands up and admit they are not anatomically correct, for a start they are suckerless. They are also somewhat different in colour to wild octopuses but just as difficult to photograph. And yet, these delicate little creatures have just devoured most of my day and I don't regret it one bit.

I'm not sure what to do with the unattached ones. Are they too delicate to use as pendants and, if not, how would I safely attach them?

I will now be packing away my polymer clay for a while as I have a large list of sewing projects waiting, and there is only room for one thing at a time on my dining table. Look out for upcoming projects including my version of Kristen's Men's Shirt Makeover (

Friday, 23 July 2010

Fuzzy Dice of Change

After many false starts, I finally took the plunge and used the template designer to update the look of my blog. Here is me moving away from the safe, but rather plain, black into a new world of light and colour (although I haven't gotten rid of black altogether). As has often been said, a change is as good as a holiday (which I have also been trying to enjoy).

And in this mood of change, I feel that it is time to stop spreading myself so thinly and focus on what is most important. After all, now that I'm 40, I have to admit that there is not enough time in any one lifetime, possibly even in half a dozen, to do all the things I have on my lists. When there are so many things demanding a look in, nothing actually gets the attention it deserves. Very likely, I will also need to stop procrastinating, but that is a whole other truckload of fuzzy dice.

What this means for anyone dropping in on this blog is that, yes, you guessed it, lots more polymer clay with possibly some sewing thrown in. I might even manage the odd tutorial (once I work out how to do the technical putting-it-on-my-blog stuff).

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Turning Forty

My poor blog has, once again, been woefully neglected. I do have one or two pathetic excuses but I'm really not sure they let me off the hook at all.

On a positive note, I have accepted the challenge of keeping the McEtsy Team blog ticking over and have managed to do better there than I have here. It's a great team with an amazing variety of talent and I'm enjoying getting to know everyone (and one day I might even meet some of them!). You can check out the blog at

Another positive, and not really an excuse for my bloglessness, is my imminent 40th birthday. I know many approach this milestone with dread, but I'm actually finding it quite amusing. I certainly don't feel 40 on the inside, although externally my body does sometimes remind me that I'm not 20, or even 30, anymore. I think there are so many advantages to being that little bit older and wiser. I've mostly learned to enjoy the moment instead of constantly yearning for what hasn't arrived yet. I haven't lost any of my enthusiasm and excitement in learning something new (see previous posts about polymer clay for proof). And I admit I'm very fortunate to have a gorgeous, affectionate husband and son whom I love to bits.

Above is your no expense spared, free of charge, totally gratuitous polymer clay photo, because you can't have a blog without at least one picture :-D