Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Turning Forty

My poor blog has, once again, been woefully neglected. I do have one or two pathetic excuses but I'm really not sure they let me off the hook at all.

On a positive note, I have accepted the challenge of keeping the McEtsy Team blog ticking over and have managed to do better there than I have here. It's a great team with an amazing variety of talent and I'm enjoying getting to know everyone (and one day I might even meet some of them!). You can check out the blog at http://mcetsy.blogspot.com/

Another positive, and not really an excuse for my bloglessness, is my imminent 40th birthday. I know many approach this milestone with dread, but I'm actually finding it quite amusing. I certainly don't feel 40 on the inside, although externally my body does sometimes remind me that I'm not 20, or even 30, anymore. I think there are so many advantages to being that little bit older and wiser. I've mostly learned to enjoy the moment instead of constantly yearning for what hasn't arrived yet. I haven't lost any of my enthusiasm and excitement in learning something new (see previous posts about polymer clay for proof). And I admit I'm very fortunate to have a gorgeous, affectionate husband and son whom I love to bits.

Above is your no expense spared, free of charge, totally gratuitous polymer clay photo, because you can't have a blog without at least one picture :-D


  1. I turned 40 recently and it was met with bemusement in my case; I was so busy running around after everyone, making food for my own party that I ran out of time to fix my hair or to buy a new dress even. That's the one thing that changed the minute the day was over! ;O)

    Love the photo, so pretty.

  2. No party for me. I spent the morning of mine doing housework but then got spoilt by hubby and son during the afternoon and evening.

    I'm quite liking the reflected sky in the pic - might have to try some more like that.

  3. I understand totally - I often negelct my blog as well without a good excuse! Life just gets busy :) Happy belated birthday!