Monday, 7 June 2010

The Sky is the Limit

As I seem to have been lacking in blogger motivation lately, I've decided to look to the skies for some much needed inspiration. Now one thing I think Scotland does particularly well is clouds. I understand that we can sometimes get tired of them day after day but it would be a shame to wish them away and miss out on all their incredible beauty.

I admit I have a bit of a fascination for clouds and have a large collection of cloud photos. But there is such an array of shapes and, dare I say it, moods to these simple collections of water vapour.

I'm sure even the most sun-loving Scot would have to admit that sunrises and sunsets are much improved by the addition of some suitable clouds. And the sight of shafts of light piercing through the cloud cover to fall on the landscape like a spotlight always thrills me.

So ends my small tribute!

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