Friday, 3 August 2012

Sunshine and Singers

What a great day!  For a start it was blue skies and sunshine which have been pretty thin on the ground lately.  My son suggested a trip to the beach this afternoon, which means going swimming in the freezing cold ocean (which I managed to avoid) and then eating icecream (which I didn't).  Strolling along with our treats we passed a small second hand/antique shop that had a notice mentioning vintage clothes so I decided to take a quick look.  Although none of the clothes took my fancy I browsed the rest of the shop and my eye was caught by a rectangular domed box with a key in the side sporting a tag which read "key for sowing mashine dont loss hte key".  How could I resist?  So I lifted the lid and this is what I saw:

This one turned out to be a Singer Model 99K made around 1932 (approx. 15,000 produced).  When I asked if they had any other machines I was pointed to the following, which is a hand operated Model 28K from 1907 (approx. 20,00 produced).

After mentioning I'd love them both but wasn't sure if I had space the shop keeper said he could do me a deal and I could have both for £20.  Deal done!  I know they will need a good clean,oil and possibly some repairs but there was no way I could walk away from these babies who just need a little love.  Now all I need is an old treadle machine and my collection will be properly underway.


  1. Jo, thank you for taking the trouble to which me a happy birthday, much appreciated.My mother had a 1927 hand cranked model model that now is doing sterling work in my daughter's studio. All the females on the maternal line learned to sew on it so up to now it has been a Godsend to 4 generations. Congrats. for bagging these two beauties.

    1. You're welcome, Arija, and thanks for your comment. You have to love old sewing machines :-)