Friday, 12 November 2010

Some Day ...

Here I am almost 2 weeks into NaNoWriMo and falling dreadfully behind on my word count. I see posts on the NaNo forums whose authors are already past the 50,000 word count and we're not even halfway through the month. I haven't even hit 11,000 yet. And while I am managing to write something every day (even if it's only 100 words or so) so many other things are just not getting done at all.

For example, I haven't found the time to work out how to photograph my Medieval belt designs so that the details are clear while at the same time the whole item fits in the picture (see above). Suggestions very welcome, oh pretty please!

It is so easy to get caught up in all the little things that seem urgent but aren't terribly important in the long run. And then there are such a lot of them that they seem to work like a black hole and suck all of your time away. So many things you would like to do fall prey to the "I don't have time right now but I'll do that tomorrow" and tomorrow is always a day away. So time passes and you find you still haven't done whatever it was. I've got a long list of those things, waiting for the day I finally have time to do them.

Well, I'm no magician when it comes to ticking off those "some day" plans (hence the list) and I have a notebook that my sister gave me 18 years ago with the inscription "I look forward to seeing this published!" which is still empty. But for me NaNoWriMo is about making a start and, even if it takes me another 18 years, I'm going to get there.

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