Friday, 19 February 2010

I Have a Dream

I was recently reminded that I have been seriously neglecting the fabric side of my life. Now I do admit that my sewing machine has been hibernating in the cupboard over Winter and by "my sewing machine" I mean the one I have on semi-permanent loan from a very generous friend.

Sadly we only have one kitchen table and it is currently indentured to another craft. But, I have a dream ... a glorious dream of a dedicated workroom with purpose built benches, a cutting table, comfy visitors chairs, a dress mannequin, massive tailored storage systems and a stunning display area to show off my best work. The likelihood of this dream ever becoming a reality is microscopically small but you have to have hope.

For now, I will content myself with crafting in blocks. A week here, a month there and so on. March is not far off, maybe then sewing will get a look in.

1 comment:

  1. I found a way around the no craft room issue, slowly remove your boyfriends books untill he is in another room without relising it!...haha
    I can boast a craft room but it will be a long, long time untill it's full of shelfs and fabric glory.