Thursday, 25 February 2010

Press [Bead] to Start

After all that journal inspiration on Sunday I have spent the rest of the week without any. I just haven't had anything to say. And worse than actually saying nothing is using lots of words to say nothing.

Today I did what I should have done at the beginning - get cooking! I use cook in the sense of concocting or inventing rather than preparing food, although it did involve the use of an oven. Yes, I've been making beads again, but it is amazing how one creative process seems to spark everything else off. Somehow in making that handful of beads I feel refreshed and awakened. I feel like I have something to contribute and, although that contribution might be slightly dodgy looking lentil beads, it's a start.

And we all have to start somewhere. Today some beads, tomorrow the world?


  1. I have to admit at first I didn't like the colours, but looking again and again, the swirls are lovely and each time you look you notice something else, they are very nice!!
    Can I ask what they are made from?

  2. The colours are slightly warmer (more chocolatey) than they show on my monitor but I did take the pic at night under fluorescent light in the kitchen. This is my first go at doing these lentil beads (I've been wanting to try them for ages) so I'll be testing more colours soon and the longer you roll them the more intense the swirl gets. They are made from polymer clay which is great fun to use.