Friday, 5 February 2010

So Much To Learn, So Little Time


So here's my new foray into the world of the unreal. Who knows where it could lead, but at least it will give my husband some peace.

A new friend has just asked what I create and this has opened up a whole can of worms. Is what I create defined by actuality or potentiality? If time were as elastic as I wish it was there would be no need to be selective about what skills I learn, what information I accumulate. As this is not the case, must I really confine myself to a limited palette of expression? Can I not count as part of my repertoire all the things I would like to create as well as the things I actually have?

My list of desires far outweighs my list of accomplishments and will likely continue so, since I am forever finding new additions for the first and only slowly adding to the second. At least this is the beginning of something new and something new is always exciting.

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