Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Double Duty

I'm in a quandary. I can't decide which of two things I want to talk about today. But as this is my blog, for once I don't have to struggle with my eternal indecisiveness because I can do both.

Probably most importantly, I made my first piece of jewellery with my own beads. Technically, this is actually the second piece (as I already made a gift for a friend) but it is certainly the first commercial piece. Now that I've opened the can of worms further pieces should be forthcoming. This also has an added advantage - it's the only way I'm going to be able to let go of the beads. I've included a sneaky peek picture below (the bracelet will now go in my photography box for official shots later in the month).

More excitingly, my second mention is that I made my own lip balm. Not rocket science, I know, but I'm pleased. My son likes it too - in fact, he wants to take it to school for show and tell next week, although I have my doubts about how exciting this will be for his classmates. Maybe this will encourage me to start making more of my own body products - I've always wanted to try bath bombs, I'm fussy about face cream and I've had soap making ingredients in my craft cupboard for at least a year. I knew that list of jobs as long as my arm was getting way to short!

On a final note, my fan page giveaway gets drawn today (as soon as I can accost some passerby and get them to stick their hand in a hat!).

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