Saturday, 27 March 2010

When Not in Rome

In preparation for being Roman tomorrow at Archaeolink Prehistory Park, I have spent the last few hours whipping up some suitable jewellery. In case any historians, archaeologists or other knowledgeable parties stumble across this blog, these items are not attempting to be authentic reproductions as, at the very least, I admit to having used modern materials and tools, they are merely inspired by ancient Roman jewellery.

I have spent some time pouring over photos of real archaeological jewellery finds to get a feel for the style and techniques used. There is plenty to choose from but it seemed best to start with something relatively simple, particularly as my Roman persona is not a noble woman in Rome but a merchant woman in the far flung province of Britain. The photo that follows shows necklace, earrings, cuff bracelet and ring made with brass wire and carnelian chips. There is also a copper wire hairpin that I forgot to include. After a little more practice I hope to make some similar items for sale.

My future plans certainly include one day having the equipment, materials and skills to produce truly authentic pieces but, for now, I will have to satisfy myself with these Romanesque examples.

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