Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Watching Nature Work

Today I'm not thinking about crafts, I'm thinking about Spring. The snow drops are out in my garden (yes, probably everyone else is over it by now but this is the North of Scotland and we're a bit behind) and it was actually quite warm in the sun.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of all the little green spikes that are currently crowding up through the soil, which isn't bad since some of them were actually pushing up through leftover snow just a couple of days ago. Last year I had the most gorgeous forest of muscari (pictured below, lacking in sunshine) along my front path, backed by daffodils. As I leave all my bulbs to their own devices, apart from a little helping hand distributing seeds to other parts of the garden, they'll probably be thicker than ever. In fact, I doubt there is any soil left between the bulbs in that particular section, they are just too tightly packed to fall over.

And as I walked my son home from school I was admiring everyone else's crocuses because I still haven't got around to buying myself any. I probably had people wondering what I was doing leaning over their fences and gesticulating at the ground. So before my neighbours decide I'm a danger to their gardens, I should make myself a shopping list and actually purchase the plants I drool over.

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